Monday, August 14, 2006

School countdown

So, here I am, getting ready for my 4th semester of college (well, 3rd, unless you count taking Calc II during the summer I session a semester) and I am so looking foward to it. There is always some dumbass in at least one (usually more) of my classes that just doesn't get it. What is it that this person doesn't get? Well, sometimes the material, but I don't rag on those people, I know that "the stupid shall be punished, and the truly stupid shall die" but I like to help those people, at least get over the initial shock of not being coddled by the nanny state that modern American education has created (that will be a whole other post). I like to rag on the know-it-alls that don't know when to shut their freaking mouth.

Take my first chemistry class last fall. I know, a nuke taking college chemistry, what the hell is that all about, couldn't I just get credit for it through my smart transcript. I thought so, but this college (at least the ME/AE college) doesn't know what to give me, even though I have tried, I guess that they just want to money from me (by the way, 8% tuition increase this semester, and most likely more next semester). Anyway, this chick, I call her SKELETOR, was pretty smart, in that super skinny, vegan, hippy chick sort of way. She knew a lot of stuff (aparently other states are better than NM at high school chemistry), but she also new a lot of stuff that just wasn't true (liberals, gotta love them).

I had so much fun in that class, mainly because she was wrong so many times, but she thought that she was right, and she just wouldn't shut up about it. She would argue with the instructors (who had Ph.D. in chemistry) about the dumbest things, most of which escapes me (maybe I should start writing stuff down, but the 19 year old girls that sit near me were too distracting).

Let me just say that I am looking foward to this semester, allthough I will be in mostly Engineering classes, with Calc III, Eng Physics, and technical writing (why the hell am I taking tech writing, I can write a package, hell, I can write in RPM language, given enough incentive). I will make a prediction, that in Calc III, Physics, and definatly tech writing, I will run into some wonderfully stupid people, and my mission will be to point out the stupidity every chance I get.

I guess that is a product of sitting through training sessions, first as a SPU at S8G, and then on the San Francisco. I stay away from pointing out stupidity of the lecturers (they are in control of my grades), but everyone else is fair game. I love it, this is what makes college so wonderful, well, that and the girls. Southern NM is a great place of short shorts and tank tops...too bad that the whales wear them also, but I just screen them out of my vision when the come into view.

Oh, and another thing that I really like about this university. It is primarily an Ag/Eng college, so that means that it is mostly conservative, no kooks (well, not many) running around campus, the hotties that don't wear short shorts usually wear ropers, drive a giant truck, and own a horse...gotta love it!


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